Being calm in the eye of the storm: Are you prepared?

13 October 2016

Dinesh Anand, Partner, Forensic Services Leader, PwC India

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In recent times, corporate India has witnessed a steady increase in the number of security breaches, crises and incidents. According to the PwC’s Physical Security Environment Survey 2016, 73% of the respondents felt that the number of security incidents had increased in the past two years and that they would continue to do so in the next two years. The rising threat of terror attacks, natural disasters and incidents of social unrest have been causing considerable alarm in major cities across the world. Whether it was the Chennai floods of 2015 or terror attacks in Brussels this year, the devastation from such incidents has been disrupting businesses across communities and countries. While we have very little control over natural occurrences (floods, earthquakes etc.), we do have control over the ways we can safeguard our businesses and people against them.

Against such a backdrop of increasing security incidents, I am happy to share that we have recently launched PwC’s Global Crisis Centre, an international virtual centre of excellence. Through the Global Crisis Centre, we aim to help clients prepare for, respond to and recover from a crisis by bringing the various existing capabilities of the firm using our global network. Our team of crisis specialists can quickly access and mobilise the best skills, experience and knowledge to help organisations handle the crises they face. 

Today, every growing organisation needs to be ready to combat such risks to stay ahead in business. We support businesses in identifying strategic threats related to physical security and in implementing a framework of preventive and detective controls to treat the risks or minimise them to an acceptable level.

A growing number of organisations are aware of the strategic impacts of security threats, made clear by the recent PwC survey¹ wherein a majority (71%) of respondents felt that the leadership of their organisation considered physical security risks to be of strategic importance to their business. While over a third (62%) felt the security function was treated at the same level as other business functions, such as human resources and facilities.

Around the world, we help clients combat various kinds of crises every day, from loss of market position to supply chain disruptions, from fraud to succession issues. In each case, we work with and alongside organisations to help them confront crises with confidence, withstand it and emerge stronger. Crises can be of varying nature and impact and can occur due to various situations. Physical security breach is one such situation which may lead an organisation to a crisis.

With proven capabilities in both greenfield and brownfield projects, our team consists of professionals formerly associated with armed forces and law enforcement, certified fraud examiners, critical infrastructure protection specialists, business continuity and crisis management experts. We help companies to prepare for a crisis and proactively minimise the impact by responding to such situations faster than their competitors.

So, are you prepared? Are you ready? We are.
To know more about PwC’s Global Crisis Centre, click here: www.pwc.in/global-crisis-centre
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1PwC's Physical Security Environment Survey 2016


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